Our Foundation is a small and young organisation, which is why it is a great honour to be currently a partner in one small scale and two large scale consortia.


Inclusive Practices in Education

in this project our aim is to build a Europe-wide network called the International Forum of Inclusion Practitioners – Europe (IFIP Europe), strengthening teachers’ and school leaders’ capacities to better respond to the increased diversity of inclusion challenges of our times, contributing to building more equitable education systems Europe wide that meet the needs of every child.


Tools 4 Inclusion

The project aims to empower young people from disadvantaged (Roma, refugee, immigrant) and majority societies to take responsibility as responsible citizens to reduce social inequalities through diversity and inclusion. We want to achieve that within the framework of a systems approach, young people would become agile in their ability to deliver inclusive childcare and to connect with children’s teachers and parents, whose impact on children’s lives is inescapable.


Effective elderly care in the 21st century

In this program FGHD collaborates with Cogito Foundation Hungary, we together have been awarded 60.000 Euro. We will implement a research program that ultimately aims to prepare ourselves for a large-scale Erasmus+ program and therefore will have an extensive partner finding activity.