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Erasmus programme consortium partnerships

Our Foundation is a small and young organisation, which is why it is a great honour to be currently a partner in one small scale and two large scale consortia.   Inclusive Practices in Education in this project our aim is to build a Europe-wide network called the International Forum of Inclusion Practitioners – Europe […]

Digital literacy courses for expat girls and over 60s

We ran successful courses as part of the eSkill Malta Foundation Digital Skills Bootcamp and events, and European Programming Week. Our Up-to-#Scratch IT Skills course is for expat girls aged 11-15. At the end of the 9-session course, we had the opportunity to give a laptop donation to everyone who successfully completed the course. Our […]


Immigrants and Refugees


Climate Change

Climate change will impact communities, economies and societies as a whole.  We must act to mitigate the impacts of changing climate.


The Foundation for Global Human Dignity

The Foundation for Global Human Dignity is a Malta based not-for-profit organisation focusing on the rights of global citizens.  Understanding that truly global problems requires empowered and informed citizens to effect change, the foundation works with marginalised individuals and groups to strengthen global communities.

The foundation aims to improve lives through education and empowerment of people through the exercise of their fundamental rights and freedoms.  Working collaboratively with like-minded organisations and individuals, we develop programs targeting youth and women, minority communities, and the disenfranchised.  Our outlook is holistic understanding that global activity has very local impact on people.  Addressing corrupt practices, for example, improves the ability of individuals to express the full range of fundamental rights guaranteed by international conventions, treaties, and codified in national laws.  When they are free they create, build and fashion societies whose members contribute, not flee.


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