Successful Cooperation with the Romaversitas Foundation

The Foundation for Global Human Dignity’s  six-month project took place in Budapest from January 1 to June 30, 2024, achieving outstanding results in supporting the educational and recreational activities of Roma refugee children from Ukraine. The Romaversitas Foundation supported the project’s implementation through a grant from the NGO Menedék – Migrants’ Association for Assistance to […]

Our Mini Workshop program in two refugee camps has come to an end

We are proud to share a thank-you letter from Babett Tatár, Head of program at the Budapest Methodological Centre of Social Policy and Its Institutions (BMSZKI), regarding our Mini Workshop program, which was conducted in two refugee camps. The BMSZKI’s Ukrainian Refugee Support Program has been helping families fleeing the war in Hungary for almost two and […]

Season’s greetings!

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Immigrants and Refugees


Climate Change

Climate change will impact communities, economies and societies as a whole.  We must act to mitigate the impacts of changing climate.


The Foundation for Global Human Dignity

The Foundation for Global Human Dignity is a Malta based not-for-profit organisation focusing on the rights of global citizens.  Understanding that truly global problems requires empowered and informed citizens to effect change, the foundation works with marginalised individuals and groups to strengthen global communities.

The foundation aims to improve lives through education and empowerment of people through the exercise of their fundamental rights and freedoms.  Working collaboratively with like-minded organisations and individuals, we develop programs targeting youth and women, minority communities, and the disenfranchised.  Our outlook is holistic understanding that global activity has very local impact on people.  Addressing corrupt practices, for example, improves the ability of individuals to express the full range of fundamental rights guaranteed by international conventions, treaties, and codified in national laws.  When they are free they create, build and fashion societies whose members contribute, not flee.


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