A world in which all have access to and exercise their rights.


To work with and support marginalised or oppressed communities, groups, and individuals understand and exercise their rights.

Through education and advocacy address the fundamental barriers to full exercise of human and civil rights.


Our perspective is global as humanity occupies an increasingly small and interconnected place.

We promote human dignity based on fundamental rights regardless of language, citizenship, gender, sexuality, age, political orientation, race, or ability.

The foundation is committed to accountability, transparency, and equal opportunity.

The foundation is inclusive and respects the genuine participation of all promoting action and activities to enhance global human dignity. 


Implement programs promoting, protecting, and enhancing human rights by addressing issues of corruption, strengthening legal rights, mitigating climate change, and empowering marginalised communities.  


Empowering communities, including women and youth, through targeted support, advocacy, and skills acquisition.  

Advocating for policy and regulatory measures to mitigate socio-political impacts of climate change and enforcement of fundamental human rights.

Through education, advocacy, and mentoring, empower youth, women, and minority communities to build inclusive societies regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation.