We ran successful courses as part of the eSkill Malta Foundation Digital Skills Bootcamp and events, and European Programming Week. Our Up-to-#Scratch IT Skills course is for expat girls aged 11-15. At the end of the 9-session course, we had the opportunity to give a laptop donation to everyone who successfully completed the course. Our 2-part digital literacy course for over 60s was also very special for us to experience the openness, diligence, perseverance and developing skills of the students.
We were delighted to start working with eSkills Malta Foundation, a national coalition of various representatives from government, industry and education who can contribute to the enhancement of digital skills and the development of the IT profession.
We have organised two courses as part of our partnership.
The expat girls’ Scratch and Robotics course brought together a group of participants where the girls learned with incredible openness, interest and diligence. Some even came in for extra lessons at weekends. We enjoyed every minute of learning with them. Originally, we wanted to reward the top 5 students with laptops, but luckily – and to everyone’s surprise – every girl in 80% of the classes received a computer.
Parents also came to the closing ceremony to see how much their little girls had learned in just 3 weeks. The bravest girls gave a presentation, showing off the Scratch stories they had created. The parents were rightly proud of their children and of course so were we.
We are also very proud of our graduating students of our senior digital literacy course!
They are learning with us and have developed their digital literacy skills with amazing attention and openness. We meet 3 times a week for 2 months and are grateful for how much we are learning ourselves! We think it’s safe to say that we may have started a long friendship!
Next year we will continue the work we have started with more courses .