Mini Workshop

From the summer of 2022, we will provide programmes for refugee and multiply disadvantaged children living in foster care in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages. From autumn 2022, we will launch a coding and robot building programme for refugee children in Malta, providing training for those who do not speak English or Maltese.
We believe that all children are talented and that unlocking their potential is entirely up to the adults around them. We also believe that, even among children who are in such difficult family and financial situations, there may be one who can find a tool, a cure or a way to make life better, safer or more sustainable for all of us, for the difficulties and challenges of the near future.
The Terre Des Homme Foundation has joined forces to support the Mini Tutorial programme. We now have a common goal to provide refugee children with educational sessions that support their education:
🔸Preparation, practice and quizzing of homework assignments given in their school
🔸Carrying out tasks to compensate for disadvantage
🔸Teaching digital literacy

In our experience, the gemification system works very well with children, whereby they collect points and then use these points to bid for so-called “treasures”.

We believe it is essential to introduce refugee children to the sights of the host country and to help them integrate by organising activities that an average middle-class family would organise for their children.

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