Laptops for Refugees

One of our main missions is to prepare children and young adults to face the biggest challenges of the 21st century’s labor market. Based on researches and recent changes in the educational system, we can safely say that digital literacy and knowledge of English will soon be as basic requirement as literacy was a century ago. The Hungarian education system has handled the problems generated by COVID-19 with very poor efficiency, especially for those who were already at a disadvantage. 

An important element of our mission is to prepare the most deprived children and young adults so that they can continue their studies online efficiently and successfully. We know from experience that the practical use of English has become an essential tool. We believe that online education is not only a coercive solution, but also an important methodological element for the knowledge transfer of the future.

To learn digital literacy and basic IT skills effectively, you need IT tools in addition to theoretical knowledge. For disadvantaged children, the lack of such tools is a huge disadvantage. Thanks to grants and donors, we helped to get a total of 336 laptops and tablets to the right place.

We thank Partners Hungary Foundation, Praktiker and OVB Hungary for their support!