Inclusive Practices in Education

Large scale Erasmus+ program


This project aims to build a European-wide network, the International Forum for Inclusion Professionals in Europe (IFIP Europe), which will strengthen the capacity of teachers and school leaders to better respond to the increasingly diverse inclusion challenges of our time, contributing to building more equitable education systems across Europe that meet the needs of all children.

Under the egis of the IFIP in collaboration with partners from  the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Hungary and Malta we participate in a Large-scale ERASMUS+ program. Our aim is to develop an online one-stop-shop for education practitioners on good practices of inclusion, including several sub-activities, such as 

🔸creating an interactive map

🔸establishing a practice bank

🔸making an inventory for teachers

🔸compiling an experts’ database

🔸maintaining an interactive and well designed forum and help-desk.

Within this activity we will be responsible for

🔸mobilizing network members,

🔸to search for partners in those countries who are not yet – or not deeply enough –  involved in the IFIP’s work, with special focus on Austria, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland and the Western Balkans.