The team at the Foundation for Global Human Dignity want to recognise the generous support of NIU and BCI.  NIU is an amazing Maltese company capable of scaling any web-based presence you want.  Their team is responsive, intuitive and ready to share a vision with you.  And they are incredible!  Need to know how to improve your SEO? (or what SEO is and why it’s important…) well contact NIU. Need some creative art or logos?  Yeah, they got it.  And more.  The team at FGHD is very thankful for the support of NIU and their generous contributions to community.

Secondly, we want to thank BCI.  While BCI is the founder of the organisation, they have been incredibly patient and accommodating with us as we’ve found our legs.  Don’t worry Francesca and Carlo, we aren’t ready to run on our own, so we’ll be with you for a while longer 🙂

But seriously we owe both NIU and BCI a great big thank you.  More than that we owe them our best and to succeed in our mission.  It is vitally important that we recognize the corporate social responsibility actions of companies small, medium and large.  The large ones often use a lot of PR to show people how responsible they are – the medium and small are content enough that their support matters.  And for those of us in the ‘matters’ business, thank you to all that small and medium sized businesses do in their communities every day.  They aren’t just engines of the economy, they are a vital part of our, collective, community.  Our success is their success, and vice a versa.