Effective elderly care in the 21st century

Small scale Erasmus+ program

The project aims to support the adaptation to the challenges of ageing, to promote the inclusion of older people, both for older people and families living with older people, and for the population as a whole.
Our specific aim is to prepare a large-scale Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships application, to build our assumptions and to identify prospective partners based on good practices in each country, focusing on:

🔸preparing the people concerned for active ageing

🔸preparing families to support their older relatives

🔸establishing services to support older people and their families

🔸facilitating communication and cooperation between existing sectors and services

🔸influencing negative perceptions of ageing as a life event and life stage in a positive way.

We want to promote older people as an asset for society and for themselves, to show the benefits (better quality of life, higher levels of satisfaction) that old age brings. We also want to help stakeholders to act as clients and as equal partners with service providers by preparing them (through training) for the challenges they may face, and to act together to ensure quality services.

We are looking for answers in international practices, in the social care system, to:

🔸how to ensure that everyone receives care/provision according to their needs

🔸how to develop care close to home

🔸how to establish cooperation between the parties concerned

🔸how individuals and their family members can prepare for the ageing process in a more informed way and choose services according to their needs, while remaining in control.